Neila is an extroverted introvert who indulges in good food as well as the written and spoken word. Loves playing with words; the way they sound, the potential sound they can make; and has a knack for puns. She wishes to grow more conscious of life experiences and to share stories as she's always intrigued to learn widely and deeply.

This is her humble little zen garden.

Contact her at neilamrym@gmail.com
or drop a message on Instagram @neilamaryam.

Published Work:

"Monsoon Evening"
The Hundred/Hundred Project: 2017 - Home 
Englishjer Ventures 
16 September 2017 

Point Of View [Zine]
with The Howling Poets 
5 October 2016

Memoir [Zine]
12 August 2016

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